7 day dating and relationship plan

In my situation, we have been datin 2-3 months and we are late 30's.She really really wants a family (husband/kids), but she works 7 days a week. Is her work schedule likely to change once she achieves her goals & how long does she think it will take to achieve said goals?What's more, some psychologists estimate that up to 20% of couples have sex no more than 10 times a year. Luckily, you're not consigned to a lifetime of platonic nights cuddling on the couch: There's a way to recharge your libidos in just one week. Simply put, when you and your partner commit to a full week of intimacy, sex becomes a top priority again.A much-needed sense of courtship and adventure will be restored to your relationship.If you have dated or are the 7 day worker dating, how did you make it work and/or why did the relationship(s) fail?

On Day 2, keep the momentum going by exploring a fantasy with your partner.Day 1: Recreate intimacy from early on in your relationship.Kick off the challenge by recreating intimacy from before you lost the spark.Due to some life goals, and her love for her work, she often works full days on the weekend.Her work schedule is basically 8-6 on weekends with potential for later, but she usually ends the day around 5-6 the latest.

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