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What's the most common day of the week for babies to be born? Wed Dec 7 PM by Nachos in Pregnancy & Parenting I'm on the fence about this.

I was always the youngest in my class because I was born 2 days before the cut off.

It might make sense that kids are probably wired to pick up on things that the adults in their life think are important (**not a child psychologist**). And although I know they exist, I haven't encountered any Finns who don't like sauna. The kid gets to help their grandfather build the fire when we're together, knows that wood burning saunas are better than electric saunas, and absolutely loves the sound of the water hitting the hot stones. if you ask others for sources, be kind enough to provide some yourself.

If this thread continues to be shit-slinging, I will lock it.

The film is coming from the bias that the parents have wronged their children.

We're told that in the past they have left the apartment, only as a group, and up to eight times a year. It's unclear what the objective of these outings were. We know they are homeschooled by their mother, who's a certified teacher, but what the homeschooling looked like is never examined.

This is all anecdata of course, but interesting to ponder over.In the survey, 35 participants claim to know their exact conception date.This is rare; most due dates are measured from last menstrual period because it's easier to track.However, even though I might have struggled more then I'm ok now, you know?It might have even been helpful for me, pushing myself to learn more and try and be smarter.

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  1. Habis tundun, peha, malah lubang jubur Edah pun turut dijilatnya. Edah dah tak mampu bersuara hanya tercungap – cungap dengan mulut ternganga macam ikan buntal dilempar ke darat. “P..pak…ada orang…” kata Edah sambil menolak tubuh Pak Jaki dan terkial-kial mencapai pakaiannya. Apakah rahsia perselingkuhannya akan terbongkar hari ini. Tergesa-gesa dia memakai seluarnya walaupun batang butuhnya masih separuh keras.