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Student reviews of the online college on College Prowler are usually positive.Many reviewers noted that the school’s registration process is easy to use, and said that they enjoy their classes and find the workload reasonable.The Bachelors degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis is offered exclusively to active duty, retired, reserve, and National Guard soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines within the U. Norwich also offers Masters of Arts degrees in subjects including Diplomacy, History, and Military History; and Master of Science degrees in Information Security, Leadership, and Nursing.Students can also earn a Master of Civil Engineering, Master of Business Administration, or a Master of Public Administration.If you are a nontraditional student or you just want to explore your choices, check out our list of the best online colleges in the United States for 2014.Our Methodology: We started, of course, by compiling a list of all the accredited online universities in the country.This includes enrolling in an online college, a convenient option that has become so popular in recent years that such universities are practically ubiquitous.

As for students seeking academic help, the University’s e Learning initiative is constantly working to expand its offerings.More and more students are choosing the “nontraditional” route.This typically means that they return to school as adults, attend school part time while managing a professional career and/or family, or look for alternate ways to access course material.When we say “online college,” we define such schools as institutions that either a) operate entirely online, b) have established a separate wing or division of their school (such as a “world campus”) for online students, or c) simply offer a large number of their degrees online.We then collected data on seven indicators: The last two indicators were given the least emphasis in the ranking because this data was not available for every school.

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This detailed list is meant to help inform you about the right online college for you.

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