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(I received some great inspiration Yeah…he wasn’t too thrilled at first! We then headed off to a bookstore – I chose Barnes & Noble mainly because they have wooden chairs, armchairs, & couches scattered around the store. OR you can just go together to each section, find the different books/magazines, and meet back at the spot. I found plenty of sizzling articles to share with him in Cosmopolitian and he found awesome photography tips to show me in Popular Photography.(BTW – notice how AMAZING the pictures are in this post!?!

Whether it's Kindle or paperback, non-fiction or fantasy, like books, we bookworms come in all shapes and sizes -- and are truly ideal companions. Here are 11 reasons book lovers make the best lovers. Or our thoughts on the most beautiful library in the world.And then there’s Tastebuds, which forges love connections between indie rockers.Now, to the surprise of absolutely no one, two Matts have launched Alikewise, a site that matches singles based on their taste in books. Just like James Joyce, I know how to make a girl go, “yes I said yes I will Yes.” I’m a classic Horatio Alger story — namely, .Avoid those awkward silences -- simply ask us what we're currently reading. They're certainly not without flaws, but Romeo, Mr.Darcy, Rhett Butler, Jay Gatsby, Edward Cullen, Christian Grey, and [insert any Nicholas Sparks' character here] sure knew how to woo their lovers. Book Bub is a free service that gives readers a seamless way to discover books they'll love at a great price.

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