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There’s always that little fear in the back of my head, it could show up in my colon, my stomach, my brain. Since the marriage ended, Camille Grammer has done some dating, but nothing has stuck. “I have [guy] friends, but I keep it light because I’m not ready.

“Every day a little better, a little stronger,” Camille Grammer told “The cancer I had is called clear cell carcinoma, and it can show up anywhere at any time. I’m just going to think positive and really [about] my kids, so I focus on my children and I love being around them, and I do it all for them.” Camille has two children, Mason and Jude, from her marriage to Kelsey Grammer, which ended years ago after the actor engaged in a highly publicized affair with flight attendant Kayte Walsh.

But neither one has put us in the position to ask awkward questions," Nick explains. And despite their divorce, cross-dressing allegations and a supposedly sexless marriage, Kelsey and Camille were once the perfect twosome, according to Nick."They were a fantastic couple... "They were a lovely couple but things change with people and you can't judge them for that."SOURCEunf I actually dont dislike camille I dont understand people who have such a strong aversion to hershe's really no different from kyle except everyone loves kyle because shes prettier and has a hot husbandkyle's just as condescending and mean as camille..after watching a couple of her interviews, I think camille's not as craycray as they portray her on the show.

Neither would comment on whether they've met Kelsey's new girlfriend, who he's engaged to, but they're already thinking of who Camille can date next. and yeah editing isn't to blame but at the same time, if you only show a negative side of one person and no redeeming factors as opposed to funny and cute stuff about everyone else, obv it's going to paint the person in a negative example, we always get cute clips of lisa and cedric or cute clips of kyle and her kids but never with camille - it's always a clip of camille being snooty.endrant/ITA.

I said in another post about Camille that if Bravo wanted to make Lisa or Kyle a villain, they totally could have. I like Kyle, but she is very manipulative and passive aggressive.

I don't get why no one gave her shit for bringing up what happened in New York AGAIN at that tennis party Camille had.

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And he brought along someone we don't often see on the hit Bravo show: his wife, Tricia! "In the moment, I wasn't thinking 'How will this be perceived? I would never disrespect Kelsey and their marriage."Tricia insists she's not "not even remotely" threatened by Camille's behavior, saying, "She's one of my closest friends in Malibu, "The women even have a business and jewelry line together, according to Nick, and that there are a lot of things that don't make it on the episode.

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