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I have seen singles who know their encyclicals and papal bulls backwards and forwards struggle with real life relationships.

It is also important to know how to put that academic understanding of faith into practice in every day circumstances and have a living relationship with God. Your book describes dating this way: "Finding a man is just like finding a parking spot in New York City.

Married people will usually have some practical, realistic nuggets of wisdom to offer.

Our clergy and religious teachers can help by encouraging young singles to take a holistic approach to their faith and relationships.

I think praying for the vocation of marriage at Mass would be a wonderful start.

Singles want and need to feel supported in their search for a spouse.

Despite a lingering bias people have toward online dating, it's becoming more and more popular.The ones who succeeded were on the same page about chastity and took their vows as soon as they were comfortable with it.They ignored naysayers who criticized them for moving too quickly and did what they felt was best for them.I think it makes sense to try to hang out in places where you are likely to meet another Catholic because it's obviously going to be easier if you are married to someone who shares your religion.At the same time, I don't believe it is always appropriate to completely rule out all non-Catholics when dating.

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