Consolidating columns excel 2016

In row 2 in my new Color Preferences column, I’ll put in the following formula:‘=CONCATENATE(H2, I2, J2)’ which will be used to join the three columns together into one.

In either of those cases we need to get all three columns into one column for easier importing. Notice the three end columns, one for each available color. I have a MACRO VBA worksheet that i have created to help track different process for jobs i give to contractors. Each tab is formatted the same, but is there a reason why this might not be working? It’s totally okay to just paste this over the formula column, or you can paste to a new column if you prefer. You can either remove those previous columns where the choices were split – or you can leave them as is and just skip those fields once you get to the import screen in Batchbook. If you’re new to imports, take a look at our import screencast for more details. If you get workbooks that have identically structured data on each worksheet, you may be interested in a way to combine the multiple worksheets into a single, large worksheet.

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