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I am now turning to you in the hope that you will assist me, as I have tried everything in my power with VW south Africa but have failed.Below is the last letter which I sent to the Desk of the Managing Director of VW SA Mr. ([email protected]) To THE CEO / Managing Director VW SOUTH AFRICA 15TH FEBRUARY, 2013 Dear Mr.May I add, that the vehicle is still under it’s 3 year manufacturers warranty and is still under a full maintenance plan.Last month, my vehicle over heated and broke down leaving me totally stranded.My new car is overheating and breaking down every month. My car that VW has sold to me is clearly defective.

I am sitting with a new car that is totally unreliable.I still continue to pay VW every month without fail, even though the car is sitting for days at YOUR dealerships because of YOUR defective workmanship / manufacturing. No courtesy car was offered in my instance by any of your dealers. This has now happened on both occasions by Rivonia and Braamfontein.When you ask for one, they immediately say Sorry, they cannot help as they are out of cars. As a consumer, I feel that my CPA rights have been infringed upon, more strongly the following: 1.To highlight that, I was appalled at the level of service rendered by the Rivonia Dealership to which my car was towed to.(I had at logged a complaint for that at the time).

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