Dating rituals around world

A small study compiled stats from matchmaking websites to show that gamers enthralled in the universe of World of Warcraft were more successful at finding a significant other than popular dating sites. If you think about it, it isn’t all that surprising.

Wo W hosts upwards of 12 million users compared to the meager 1 million users signed up at e Harmony.

Men would present their spoons to the lady they desired and if she accepted it, it was a sign that she liked him back.

Although this traditional courting ritual is no longer a common practice, ornate spoons are still sold and given on special occasions.

If he liked what he saw, the lucky male would devour the, um, forbidden fruit.To see how everyone is getting creative with their love lives, we’ve searched the nooks and crannies of the globe to uncover the strangest (and just plain odd) courting rituals from past and present. It’s widely believed that food is the way into a man’s heart.Austrian women, taking this proverb literally, would perform a traditional dance with slices of apples wedged in their armpits.All is fair in love and Warcraft Online dating, which has drawn in a huge market of singles in recent years, has become the prime spot for this generation’s lonely-hearted individuals to find love IRL.But if you’re looking to meet your perfect match on the web, you may be hitting up the wrong hot spots.

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If she likes what she hears, the woman will then pull out a spool from under her skirt for him to sit on.

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