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Steve is the only living artist we have represented in our 30 years of business.His ski town collection, including Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge & Steamboat are a bit hit. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector of antique maps and prints, Art Source has something for you.With over 35,000 original antique maps and 7,000 antique prints in stock and a history of over 36 years in business on the Historic Pearl Street Mall, we are excited you're here!He also introduced a co-ordinate system to fix geographical features to specific points.This co-ordinate system was composed of parallels for latitude (north to south) and meridians for longitude(east to west). Curiously, one of Ptolemy’s mistakes was to assume that Eurasia occupied about 180° of the world, seriously underestimating the size of the Earth.If you ever need a Colorado gift, Steve's prints are perfect!

But until the 16th century the most used maps in the west were ones drawn using Ptolemy’s projection and his grid system.We are proud to offer a complete selection of Replogle Globes, Rare and Antique Maps, Historical Maps, Antique Atlases, Antique Prints, turn-of-the-century reproduction posters, historic photographs of Colorado and other cartographic material.If you are searching for a particular map, print or poster please use our request an item form.Traveling from place to place, especially on long voyages by ship, required constant calculation.Enter Gerardus Mercator, a mathematician, philosopher and globe-maker from Flanders (modern-day Belgium).

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