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US online video services are for a wide variety of reasons evolving, but what's still unknown, and so exciting, is what effect the continual growth of this video market will have on Television.This is contextually interesting, and relevant to the BBC, because today we published seven brand new comedy shows online.The eerie music featured in the background is the tune "Beware the Friendly Stranger" from the Boards of Canada album Geogaddi.The dark music in the soundtrack that appears when Salad Fingers is scared is actually Firth playing the guitar, but slowed down and reversed.How many of this year's Feed My Funny Exclusives will go to full TV series remains to be seen.What we do know is that when more are commissioned later this year, we can ask some interesting questions.It features music from Flying Lotus himself, Aphex Twin, Kamasi Washington, Thundercat and Brandon Coleman.Various scenes are said to feature a man having sex with a talking boil on a woman's neck, genital mutilation, and a doctor, played by George Clinton, who keeps a medicinal cockroach in his anus.

Both Hulu & Netflix have commissioned exclusive web series including political sitcom "Battleground", a new reality show from Morgan Spurlock, and a series of documentaries from the acclaimed director Richard Linklater.The first seven episodes of Salad Fingers were shown back-to-back in Australia at the 2007 Sydney Underground Film Festival at the Factory Theatre, along with a variety of other animated short films, during the "Re-Animation" session.Salad Fingers was first conceived as an in-joke when Firth was playing the guitar one day and his friend and frequent collaborator Christian Webb commented that he had "salad fingers," referring to the way Firth was playing the C chord.Google's decision to foster partnerships with content producers, starting with its You Tube Partner Program, has now seen the launch of premium video channels.At a presentation to advertisers in May, US comedian Chris Hardwick, who runs You Tube's popular Nerdist channel, summed up Google's intentions best: "The web will be to cable TV what cable TV was to broadcast".

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