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Mac OS 9 and mac OS support FAT file systems on volumes other than the boot disk.

Amiga OS supports FAT through the Cross DOS package.

This scheme also allows you to easily glob for daily backups independently of weekly ones, or backups for two users independently.

FAT12/FAT16: File, directory and volume access rights for Read, Write, Execute, Delete only with DR-DOS, Palm DOS, Novell DOS, Open DOS, Flex OS, 4680 OS, 4690 OS, Concurrent DOS, Multiuser DOS, System Manager, REAL/32 (Execute right only with Flex OS, 4680 OS, 4690 OS; individual file / directory passwords not with Flex OS, 4680 OS, 4690 OS; World/Group/Owner permission classes only with multiuser security loaded) FAT32: Partial, only with DR-DOS, REAL/ OS It offers good performance even in lightweight implementations, but cannot deliver the same performance, reliability and scalability as some modern file systems.

The very technical contents previously residing under Technical design were split out to Design of the FAT file system.It is therefore widely adopted and supported by virtually all existing operating systems for personal computers as well as some home computers and a multitude of embedded systems.This also makes it a useful format for solid-state memory cards and a convenient way to share data between operating systems.The successive major variants of the FAT format are named after the number of table element bits: 12 (FAT12), 16 (FAT16), and 32 (FAT32).Except for the original 8-bit FAT precursor, each of these variants is still in use.

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