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That’s how audiences in China want to engage with these properties.” Hollywood’s desire to take advantage of China's growing online marketing opportunities has increased business for companies that partner with studios to distribute movies there.

Chinese entertainment company Le Vision Pictures, for example, analyzes local demographic data to see what types of people go to which theaters.

The heavy digital sales in China, where young people buy virtually everything online, give marketers access to detailed consumer data they can use to adjust their marketing materials mid-course.

The popularity of advance ticket sales also lets marketers use online services such as We Chat to send promotions directly to consumers.

Paramount Pictures and its marketing partners wanted to make sure China’s young, digitally-inclined moviegoers were excited for the new action sequel “x Xx: Return of Xander Cage.”So the team made a music video for an original song by “x Xx” star and Chinese heartthrob Kris Wu.

The video, which featured Vin Diesel and clips from the film, scored more than 40 million views online.

Executives say that is far more powerful than ads on broadcast TV, which is unpopular among Chinese youth. “There is almost no TV or radio advertising for movie marketing in China,” said Xian Li, director of international productions for 20th Century Fox Film.

Because they don’t need to buy expensive TV ads, distributors have much lower costs in China. “Digital marketing, along with some print, outdoor and in-theater marketing, are the key efforts, out of which digital marketing is the most cost effective.”That fact partly explains why U. studios have been so eager to partner with Chinese tech companies that invest in Hollywood movies.

That’s because when a film works in China, it still can mean the difference between a flop and a hit, as Paramount proved last weekend with “x Xx.”The movie, starring Diesel as an extreme-athlete-turned-special-agent, cost million to produce and surpassed 0 million in Chinese receipts this week.Though China’s film industry is nascent, movie marketing efforts in the world’s most populous country often are more targeted — and effective — than in the United States.“We all think Hollywood is far more advanced than China in terms of content production,” said Terry Qian, director of Chinese online ticketing company Weying Technology Inc.“But in terms of doing marketing and trying to more effectively spend print and advertising dollars, China is growing to be more advanced than the U.The stars also did live video chats on Chinese social media, and took selfies with followers from Weibo, a massively popular social media site.The deluge of digital promotion for “x Xx” highlights fundamental differences in the way movies are marketed in China as compared to Hollywood.

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Hollywood studios still face big challenges when promoting new films in China.

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