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We conducted a community-based case-control study including 194 AD and 244 matched non-AD preschoolers.Glutathione S-transferase genotypes were evaluated uisng a multiplex PCR method.Using CAN PRO II (Computer-Aided Nutritional Analysis Program II), developed by the Korean Nutrition Society, the amount of each food item in the FFQ was converted into grams, after which daily intakes of nutrients were calculated.To develop dietary patterns for this study group, we used 84 food items, excluding two rarely eaten foods (organ meat and fermented salty fish).“Processed” or “Western” diets , high in fat and sugar content, or “healthy” or “prudent” diets, containing micronutrient-rich foods, have been reported regarding child mental health, although the associations are not clear [13,14,15,16].

The FFQ contains 86 food items with nine non-overlapping frequency response categories as well as three portion size options (low 0.5, medium 1, high 1.5).

Due to the exclusion of a large number of children, we did comparison analysis including the child’s age (5.3 33.8% for greater than 4 million Korean Won, close to 4000 US $).

There was no significant group difference in these variables (Supplementary Table S1).

It is one of the most common allergic diseases in children, affecting up to 25% worldwide [1].

Comparable or even greater prevalence of AD (25%–34%) has been reported in a large scale study of Korean children [2].

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Previously, we have demonstrated that a higher intake of dietary antioxidant vitamins, including β-carotene and vitamin E, is associated with a reduced risk of AD among preschool-age children in Korea and suggested a possible role of oxidative stress in this association [10].

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