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Some have hostess girls who take it in turns to sing.For younger Thais and Westerners there are typical Thai-style pubs with house bands banging out raunchier music.With bustling streets and wonderful people, Hat Yai is a great place to visit.But if you’re looking for some good shopping time while you’re there, here’s some tips on Hat Yai shopping, shops, stores, best buys, and inside tips from those who have gone before you.In Hat Yai you’ll find that the main shopping area is around the Niphat Uthit 1, 2 and 3 Roads area.Shopping opportunities range from fresh produce, to electrical appliances, and other consumer products readily available.If not for the sex trade, places such as Dannok on the Thai/Malaysian border would not be what they are today and Hat Yai wouldn't have the amount of hotels, bars, restaurants, massage shops and night clubs that it has.To be fair on visiting Malaysians and Singaporeans - who make up the majority of visitors to Hat Yai - the town is also well-known for its night time activities to (among others) Indonesians, mainland Chinese, and Japanese, not to mention some Westerners and Thais themselves.

Tip: At OD you’ll find skincare and cosmetics on the 2 floor that are cheaper in Thailand, but be careful to check the expiration date on the products because OD seems to forget about their expired products.

As long as they aren’t expired you can find some great bargains there.

I have made an attempt in these pages to describe Hat Yai accurately.

Some are even divided into two buildings; one for clothes and fashion, and the other building only for bags, shoes, and accessories.

While the items may not truly be designer, visitors say they really look genuine.

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