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Dyn Corp is in Kosovo, Israel (three of its employees were blown up and killed in Gaza last year), East Timor, Sarajevo, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Liberia, and many other sketchy places. and as many as 20 other large private security companies, and perhaps dozens of smaller ones, employing tens of thousands of individual contractors—came to Iraq. (All told, the State Department and the Pentagon have issued contracts worth more than billion for security work in Iraq.) Dyn Corp set about hiring close to a thousand American cops to move to Iraq and accompany their Iraqi counterparts on the job.

I was going to Baghdad with the security contractors."Cleaned it up" meant "unloaded AK-47s into the bodies."The briefing went on like this for half an hour. Under ordinary circumstances, I would have been reluctant to accept the rifle. Less than an hour into the drive, we got the first sign that someone was watching us. Bill was one of the largest human beings I had ever seen. Apart from its dangers, much of Iraq isn't very interesting to look at. The dirt just beyond the highway is littered with hunks of twisted and mangled metal, some of it the detritus of wars, some of it just unclaimed junk. Fires from the burnoff of distant oil refineries give the horizon a hazy, sinister look. Outside of the heavily fortified—and relatively safe—U. According to the Pentagon, there are more than a 100,000 U. If the goal is to rebuild it, there could never be enough. On the battlefield, contractors cook soldiers' food, deliver their mail, provide their housing, and take care of their equipment. Civilian contractors have been hired to destroy captured Iraqi weapons, clear unexploded ordnance from military bases, transport armored vehicles into the country, and train the new Iraqi army.It wasn't clear just who the attackers might be—carjackers, Al Qaeda, Baath Party loyalists, or some combination of the three—only that they had been hurting a lot of Western motorists in recent weeks. The week before, Kelly had shown me the basics on his firing range. Collect your thoughts and shoot back."He stepped back a foot and narrowed his eyes, sizing me up to see if I was the sort of person who might start pulling the trigger indiscriminately once trouble started. I'm not uncomfortable around guns—I've hunted for most of my life—but bringing them on stories is considered taboo. One of the Citroëns in our convoy radioed to say that a pickup truck was coming up from behind extremely fast, even faster than we were going. A former Force Recon sergeant, he had a chest so broad, it seemed impossible. Coming into a turn on the main drag through Nasiriyah, we hit an oil patch doing about 70. Through my window I watched transfixed as a building approached at high speed. At the last possible second, we shot back across the pavement, onto the dirt divider. S.-controlled "Green Zone" that surrounds Saddam's former main palaces in Baghdad, you can spend days without hearing English or seeing an American flag. This in addition to vast logistical support (providing water, power, and fuel to U. troops), as well as every sort of humanitarian task, down to providing pencils and rulers to Iraqi schoolchildren. In the long term, contractors are cheaper to use than troops, at least theoretically.He clicked the mouse and an image appeared on the screen showing the result.It was an aerial shot of the aftermath of a recent ambush.

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