Lesson plan dating violence

They may use posters, daily announcement spots, make slogan buttons and/or plan a schoolwide assembly. Explain that they will combine their efforts to plan a school Dating Violence Awareness campaign.Tell students they have 10 minutes to read the scenarios and indicate whether each of them is an example of a healthy or an unhealthy relationship.Review the answers by asking students to share their responses.

The teacher should review the worksheets and hand them back out to students during the next class (or post them on the wall in the classroom as a future reference for students).

We might have a hard time admitting to our friends and family that we are in an unhealthy relationship, or that we are a victim of dating violence.

Or, perhaps we recognize that we are not treating our partner the way they deserve to be treated.

Goal: Students will discuss the different types of abuse that may exist in dating violence as well as the signs that someone may be in an unhealthy relationship.

Type: A chart for students to fill out Time: 15 minutes Distribute to the students.

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Goal: Summarize the information delivered throughout the presentation and dispel some of the myths surrounding dating violence Type: Jeopardy Style game Time: 15 minutes Separate the youth into two teams and read the questions found on the “ out loud.

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