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Two approaches result in OSL ages that are internally consistent and in excellent agreement with radiocarbon dating, indicating that all investigated sediments are younger than AD 1500.

Elles indiquent que tous les sédiments étudiés sont plus jeunes que 1500 ans ap. A partir de ces données une histoire complexe de phases de dépôt et d’incision est reconstituée sur les 500 dernières années.

Important channel incision is observed for one third of the streams and is characterised by an average lowering of bed channels by 2 m, with a maximum incision of 4 m.

It is known from public records that these morphological disturbances began mostly between 19 (Cordier, 2006; Grosprêtre & Schmitt, 2008).

Our hypothesis is that the current incision in the rural area could be the result of a decline in sediment supply from hillslopes and the watershed, due to reduced agricultural activity (i.e. Conversely, the hillslope deposits in which incision occurs could have been deposited during times of higher agricultural activity.

This hypothesis could also explain why incision is so important in the peri-urban area, as it is enhanced by UI and CSO.

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More generally, it seems crucial to place the current channel adjustments in a large temporal trajectory of the morpho-sedimentary dynamics of the valley bottoms.

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