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Risking the occasional spasm, however painful, seems a reasonable price to pay for regular orgasms and adventurous sex.i want to try anal masturbation but have no clue what to do. Some try stuff like cucumbers but I wouldnt do that. Most anything round be creative like a small plastic shampoo bottle But of coarse a good dildo would be best it is shaped to do the job.We've talked about it, and he says he'll masturbate less, and that does help (read: Now it's a half hour of jackhammering instead of hours), but I'm still eager for more variety—and to be able to walk after sex and ride a bike the next day.For what it's worth, about half the time he just lets me come buckets and then gives up on himself. Since I know firsthand this can be overcome and I accommodate him as much as possible, I think I'm being reasonable, but I'm sure you'll tell me if I'm not.I'm a 25-year-old heterosexual female, and I've been in a long-term friends-with-benefits relationship for a little more than four years.My FWB partner and I have recently decided to move from being FWB to actually dating.The "ultimate intention" of whatever woman your boyfriend fucks should concern you less than your boyfriend's ultimate intention. Or would he ultimately prefer to be with someone else?

It hurts, it's super boring, and it makes me feel like I might as well be an inflatable doll.

Hoping A Massive Masturbator Eventually Retrains Exacting Dick Here's how you retrain his dick: Your boyfriend stops doing what he's always done—no more masturbating or fucking in the style to which his dick has become accustomed—but he keeps on having sex and he keeps on masturbating.

But he is not allowed to revert to jackhammering away at your pussy or his fist if he doesn't get off. Eventually his dick, in desperation, will adjust to newer, subtler sensations, and he'll be able to get off without jackhammering. Some guys can retrain their dicks—and some women can retrain their pussies—but some people have carved too deep a groove into themselves and their junk.

This sucks in that when my wife and I play, part of it involves my wife putting me in four-point restraint, masturbating me, then tickling me post-orgasm.

It would really suck for this to happen while tied up and has me concerned about our sex play.

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