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There are also some crude, hard to believe scenes, for instance, one near the beginning when he and other boy are sadistically beaten by the nuns in a religious school. His childhood is complicated but still and their ambitions are huge.The plot is very interesting, shows the evolution of society and politics mixed with milestones Argentina Historic country.His quick but tough way up the social ladder is shown as something that he can't think of without crossing moral boundaries.Gaston Gallo, director and writer of the film, created this character who needs to feel he is in control of everything: his women, his contacts, his acquaintance… Unlike other Argentinian movies, there is a lot of attention given to dialogues and language shades.At almost two hours, is quite long for an Argentine film.Its production values are also quite good for the country (and also considering this is a film debut).From there, his life takes off and over four decades he rises up the social ladder but along the way he steps on the toes of those around him which gives him a lot of unwanted attention.

The performances of several Argentine talents make up a large cast and give a large variety of characters to the story. Who would have said that Luciano Caceres could play a leading role like this one?He lives in a single room around criminals and prostitutes and almost gets involved in their line of work, but he has a break when he is offered a job cleaning bathrooms at a factory.Cut to several years later, and he already owns the factory (this sort of thing makes the movie not very believable).Unlike other filmmakers from Argentina, the director knows he has to entertain and engage the audience, which he does.Among the minuses of the movie is that the plot is not quite believable: I don't believe such rapid social climb is possible in Argentina (or perhaps in any country). Anyway, this film is quite not a great film, and is hard to believe at times, but it is quite engaging and it shows a director of some talent The film is a good way to understand a small part of the Argentina history and contextualize the likes of Tito Pereyra, a guy who does everything for success.

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