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The Internet lifts real world boundaries so people fall easier into flirtatious and immodest behavior, become prone to saying things online that they normally wouldn’t say to someone in person, or chat for longer periods of time than they normally would with any individual.

Online mixing also removes any exclusivity, which is why chatting with numerous people at the same time begins to resemble a season of “The Bachelor.” You can never be sure that you are the only person a potential spouse is chatting with unless you ask them upfront, nor determine the seriousness of the relationship if conversations continue only online.

Another obstacle with continued online communication is that real interpersonal skills are lost because subtle cues like tone of voice and body language cannot be heard or seen.

Ultimately, determining if there is a real connection can only happen once the individuals actually meet in person.

Accessibility Muslim marriages have traditionally occurred with friends and family as the intermediaries, but now the Internet has become a viable option for bringing potential couples together.

Matchmaking websites have removed the “personal” connections people have always relied on when finding a spouse.

For this reason, it is important that people who are serious about getting to know someone for marriage must move from the online setting to an offline meeting as quickly as possible.

Meeting in person is also the only way to confirm any initial compatibility that the individuals are feeling for each other as well as confirm their truthfulness and character.

The biggest complaint made about online matchmaking sites is that there is a lot of exaggeration and even deception.A Google search of “Muslim matchmaking” calls up over 400,000 sites.With more Muslims turning to the Internet to find a spouse, there needs to be a discussion of the positive and negative aspects of meeting people online.Individuals can exaggerate or lie about everything from their age and profession to what they look like and where they are from. Because of this the Internet makes it impossible to know whether the person you are communicating with online is a “real” person at all.People who are not serious about marriage may create profiles on matchmaking sites because they enjoy perusing people’s profiles and enjoy the “game” of meeting people and flirting online.

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