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Experienced users are able to log into one room several times using various nicks simultaneously and contribute to the discussion as different users answering their own questions or disputing their own statements.

Here is an example of one user adopting three nicks at the same time (chatwithme, Davey, momy): whoops - here comes chats mum) giving an indication that chatwithme and Davey are the same person and hinting that this user is about to enter the chat room for the third time under the name momy.

This is presumably due to the fact that chat is an informal environment and everybody is equal there.

On chat it is for obvious reasons impossible to follow the basic conventions where it is the man or the younger person who shows respect.

A common practice is for the newcomer to write some kind of a general greeting (such as ‘hello room’ or ‘hi every1’) and taking no offence when no one replies.

Often the participants are involved in the conversation and they may not be able to pick up the threads again.

This is why many nicks on these sites do not have name-like character and they largely include numbers and non-alphabetical characters.

[3] The major advantage of chat sites requiring membership is that once we subscribe no one can take our nickname.

However, that inevitably means that each member has to come up with a new original name.

On chat greeting is rather optional; it depends on personal liking, whether we know somebody in the room, the number of the participants in the room, etc.

No rule states whether it is the newcomer or the members of the room who greets first.

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