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So at 6pm when my fella went to work i told him to put it back out ready for tomorrow, about half an hour ago i heard my gate bang open knew it was too early for Joe and it was him with the bin, ive gone out in my dressing gown and told him to get his hands off my bin, his reply was im making the street look a mess and the lid isnt even shut and the cans will blow all over.

Why cant people keep there nose out and find something better to do with there time?

They make out they do it because of the asbo neighbours in between us but they have always been nosey apparently, the asbo family just made them get very obsessive with it Grin and bare it Li, keep saying to myself xx hey again well ive just peeped out to see what this noise was and the wifes hung in the back room window sat on her seat and hes upstairs hanging out of the window looking at something in my other next doors garden by look of it.

You don't mind a friendly neighbour but he is a controlling busy body.

as for the CCTV they can have it up but there are strict regulations.

for example it cant reord outside the boundaries of ones own property without permission.

I screamed and ducked when I peaked out he was away. I just really dont like been watched i do feel intimidated and i know im not the only neighbour. It would b awful to see a face all the time lookin at you through a window. It's horrible for you but you describe it so funny..i keep picturing this old man with big glasses and a bald head cept for a strip round the side and he just is a grump about everything.

For example when i first moved in i was hanging my smalls amongst other things out and he was in his window already but opened it wide and stuck his head out Yeh they may well be scared and protective of their home but if they qwere so botherd why do they make it so obvious x This reminds me of a man who used to live next door to the railway station car park and used to come out and stare in your window if you dared to park there. It would b awful to see a face all the time lookin at you through a window. Lol I'm actually that sad I'd get a scary mask and turn lights of get a torch and stand and stare or squash ur face against window.

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