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The national language is English, although it is spoken with a unique American accent.Although the biggest and best known city is New York City, the capital is actually Washington, DC.See Greece webcams with view to the volcano of Santorini, the famous Acropolis of Athens, the lovely beaches of Naxos, the old port of Mykonos and the wild Chora of Folegandros.If you have a webcam in Greece from some place or island in Greece, feel free to submit it in

One of two baby American bald eagles broke free of its shell and was captured chirping Saturday morning on a live-stream of their nest that has been viewed by millions.

That is until 83 cars were broken into.“I have never heard of anything happening like that over here.

I’m really shocked.”Windows were smashed out of the locked vehicles, causing thousands of dollars in damage.“There were probably cars with Christmas gifts inside and a lot of Christmases probably got ruined because of that," Brignoni said.

Flornace Linirs is from Argentina and moved to Estero the day after Christmas. That same morning, just hours later in De Soto County, deputies found Doby in the Silverado, stolen from Estero Bay Chevrolet.

She's curious as to why she's just now hearing about the break-ins.“We thought that this place was super safe and it’s Christmas. He ditched the truck and was later found hiding out at a convenience store.

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