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I know what it’s like to be in a relationship, too, and recognize its value.I’ve been in the relationships where Sundays are lazy days spent rolling around in bed and eating bagels and drinking coffee and lingering at the doorway to say goodbye. Keeping someone in your life “just in case” is a selfish act.Maybe you periodically check in with them, just to see how they’re doing, or keep an eye on their Facebook relationship status to see if they’re still available.Maybe they’re the person you’re interested in, but not for the immediate future.Maybe you see yourself with them five years down the line, when you’re ready to settle, and hopefully they feel the same way, too.Maybe you entertain the idea of starting it up again, when you’ve blown through all your Tinder matches and your OKCupid inbox holds nothing but baby MRAs and leering sexual come-ons.It’s a self-preservation method, an insurance policy that guarantees you won’t die alone with only your cats for company. I value my alone time, and cherish the Sunday afternoons when I don’t have to bend to someone else’s brunch plans or watch football in a crowded bar when I can enjoy it from the comfort of my own couch.

With this app you'll know exactly what to do and what to say whenever you meet someone you're attracted to!You can also choose to meet someone from team Valor, Mystic, etc.When you find a match, Poke Match lets you designate a Poke Stop so that you and your perfect someone can meet up.As I plod into my thirties, happily single, but with a dull desire to date only because it feels like something I should maybe start thinking about, the idea of having someone on the backburner seems to just make sense.Eventually, you reach a point where it feels like you’ve run through the list of available and eligible people in your city, and you’re done going on dates that lead to unsatisfying sex or a string of texts after you’ve gently rebuffed their advances.

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