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Many people deny all evidence of the existence of hemp in the New World before Christopher Columbus' arrival.

However, there are many examples of fabric, yarn, clothes and bags made of this fibre, which reveal how widespread cannabis was among pre-Columbian indigenous tribes.

Some believe that other groups of Homo sapiens even came from Australia, stopping at Easter Island before reaching the New World.

They also came from Europe, since the ice sheets extended as far south as Spain, covering the sea even at this latitude.

In 1524, the Florentine explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano first discovered cannabis growing wild during an expedition to Virginia, in North America.

French explorer Jacques Cartier reported seeing large expanses of wild cannabis growing during each of his three journeys to Canada in 1535, 15.

The Mesoamerican peoples originate from the central part of Mexico and Central America, as far south as Costa Rica.

However, if Homo sapiens did enter the New World from the north, how is it that most of the oldest archaeological sites are in the south?

The hemp plant has played a key role in helping people survive throughout the million-year history of the human race and it has spread across the globe, helping us over millennia.

However, not very much research has been carried out on this plant and there are relatively few records, due to the fact that its fibres rot very quickly.

It is very likely that they carried seeds with them, since without them they would not have been able to grow plants in order to produce more candles and rope.

Many people deny all evidence of the existence of hemp in the New World before Christopher Columbus’ arrival.

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