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If you play the Ace of Diamonds on the first round of diamonds, it probably won’t be beaten.But on the fourth round of diamonds, it probably will. Holding the Ace of Spades is crucial to keeping the lead in the game.Advice columnist Ms X helps a reader who suspects she’s been the unwitting subject of a secret sex tape.Plus – is being a Coldplay fan a dating dealbreaker?Play Spades, a card game all about bids, blinds and bags, for free on Play online alone or multiplayer with a friend in this four player trick taking classic This is one of the best Spades games online that you can find.

The J, Q, and K cards are always ranked as 10 and the A cards are ranked as both 1 and 11.

The major difference with Spades is instead of trumps being decided by the highest bidder or at random, the spade suit is always trump, hence the name “Spades”.

CHEATS & TIPS Seat Positions Matter A two-bid hand in the first position could be a nil hand in the second.

If you have the King or Queen of Spades, force the player with the Ace to waste it.

Generally, drop lower spade cards to force out the higher ones.

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TIP: Simplified basic strategy recommends HIT any time the dealer's up card is ranked 7 or higher and your hand is ranked 16 or lower, DOUBLE when your two cards add up to 10 or 11, and always split A and 8.

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