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But California's also a state that's known to freak out about the next big thing, and generally ignore the older stuff. That's because SN seems content to keep producing one of the most quietly pervasive and successful independent brews on the market without shouting it from the mountaintops. How the hell can one of the largest craft breweries in the country possibly be underrated?When it's in the same state where Great Divide, Avery, Odell, Oskar Blues, and Crooked Stave brew their incredible beers.And don't forget the bourbon barrel-aged barleywine Killdozer. Since then, it began packaging its brews, with Overboard, the Belgian strong Golden Sabbath, and the award-winning White Mountain porter all finding homes in bottles.Maui Brewing might have a brand-new brewery in Kihei, but Big Island is keeping beer lovers on Hawaii quite happy.

Top-rated brewery: Cigar City Brewing In Florida, Cigar City's -- rightfully -- the king of the scene (and, if rumors are true, could soon be coming to less-bronzed parts of the country).7venth Sun is the favorite of those "in the know." Due South is delicious, but sometimes elusive. Wakefield's like the new kid in school that everybody wants to be friends with.That leaves Funky Buddha, which sometimes gets the short shrift for being a bit more crowd-pleasing and more earnest.Well, extol their virtues in the comments so we know what we're missing. (address and info) Top-rated breweries: Back Forty Beer Co., Good People Brewing Co.Being housed in a historic building that's been everything from a saloon to a brothel kind of steeps Avondale in history, which might explain why, despite being relatively new to the scene, it's pumping out beers with the precision of folks who have been in the business for decades. And, naturally, old Meredith has her own Oktoberfest to keep her appeased.

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Since more breweries ought to be praised for the important work of making sure America has enough amazing beer to drink, we discounted our previous picks for the best brewery in each state and sought to identify the brewery most deserving of a little extra love.

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