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Y Nyts Grrl: Hello Gltr Nyt Gltr Nyt: Hello Nyts Grrl Nyts Grrl: You're a knight? Obi-Wan grinned at the computer terminal, casting a quick glance at Reeft.

"I still say it's a guy." Reeft stared at her in shock. Thick leather turns her on." Shara folded her arms. "I mean I know some people who like leather." They stared at her, eyes wide. "You know that now this wannabe Jedi is gonna be getting off thinking about some girl trussed up in leather." "With a bullwhip." "Bullwhip? "If he's gonna dream, let him dream big." Mace snickered, then went to get another drink. It screams 'I'm a pervy guy who wants to mess around with a Jedi Knight.'" "Actually Shara, I like..." Bant cleared her throat. No problems." Ishara shook her head, standing behind Obi-Wan. Now I am the best Mace called Qui-Gon over to the terminal. They jump all over you." He brought up the profile of Nyts Grrl and read it to the group. "Obi-Wan wired the whole thing with a bounce through Councillor Mundi's lines. "Remember when we used to do this when we were padawans? "The irony is that it's how many years later and we still aren't getting any?

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