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Relational operators are useful especially in non-text fields such as date and time fields when you want to search for a value within a numerical range.You can use the following relational operators only in the advanced search bar. All fields within Remedy have a default search pattern of either leading, equal and anywhere based on the fields use and characteristics.The example could be searched within the Advanced Search Bar by entering the following: , remembering that field labels are surrounded by single quotes and field values are surrounded by double quotes.You can use the advanced search bar together with fields in a form to specify search criteria.The View Recent Searches option opens the search window and displays the criteria of the recent search you select.From the File Menu, select Actions View Recent Searches and select the one you want from the pull-right menu.

From the File Menu in RFS, select Actions The User Tool remembers previous searches you have performed.

You can search for requests in several ways: The easiest way to specify search criteria is to fill in fields in the form to match the requests you want to find. The more fields you fill in, the more specific your search becomes.

The system searches for requests that meet all the criteria and displays them in the Results pane.

When you create or modify a request, keywords are replaced with their corresponding values.

The most commonly used keywords are: $DATE$, $NULL$, $TIME$, $TIMESTAMP$, and $USER$.

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