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A 2 m x 2 m soakaway can be constructed, and become fully operational, within 30 minutes.Plus, when working from a firm, level base, building structures such as ponds, boundary walls or simple dwellings require no skill at all.” Because no messy dagha is used during construction, all the blocks’ cavities remain open and accessible, allowing easy access for piping and electrical conduits, not to mention insulation materials.

Building with the Stumbelbloc is a bit like playing with Lego: once a solid, level foundation has been established, accurate construction is a cinch.Source: This article is from the September 2011 issue of Popular Mechanics.If you’re a budget-conscious DIY type with a building project in mind, then the Stumbelbloc – a locally developed building block produced onsite using reusable plastic moulds – could be your answer.All can be made onsite or – if you really don’t feel like sweating over a mortar mix and fiddling with moulds – purchased ready-made.The simplest and cheapest of the range, the “basic-mix” blocks, can be manufactured using only a spade (to mix the cement), trowel and mallet.

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