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Thousands of green singles from Australia and New Zealand join to meet conscious friends, great dates and soul mates.The one youre looking for is probably looking for you, too!In fact, the UK's 29% puts Brits towards the front of the pack: just ahead of Norway and Sweden, who came in with 27% and right behind Germany on 30% and Finland on 31%.The easiest place for vegetarian dating is Spain, where a whopping 37% would rather date a non meat eater; making Spain número uno for vegetarians in search of love.At last, there is a green-friendly dating site for environmentally, socially and spiritually conscious singles in Australia and New Zealand!At Planet Earth au, we believe the best relationships are built on complementary lifestyles and compatible beliefs so you can focus on making a difference in the world together, rather than arguing over whether to hug a tree or cut one down!A further 31% would like it if their partner thought about eating less meat, and the vast majority - 66% - would not want to change a partner's diet, agreeing that ''they have to choose [vegetarianism] for themselves.'' Yet, despite the fact that most Brits would happily date someone with different dietary preferences, for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike, their is to date someone whose diet matches their own: 92% of vegetarians would prefer to date a vegetarian, while 90% of meat eaters would prefer to date a meat eater.Overall, this means that 71% of UK singles would to date a meat eater and just over a quarter (29%) would most like to date a vegetarian.

With Salama's wise words in mind, we decided to contact renowned UK food blogger Madeleine Shaw, to see if there were any date-worthy meals that might appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters alike.This may not sound like a lot – but, when Elite Singles conducted the same study across Europe (involving close to 10,000 singles in total), it turned out that British vegetarians have it relatively easy.At the very least, it's easier for them to find a date than it would be in the likes of Hungary and France (where just 15% would rather date a vegetarian).Elite Singles psychologist, Salama Marine, thinks that it's partly because eating together ''is, without a doubt, one of the most intimate things a couple can do - without taking their clothes off!'' As she explains ''sitting opposite one another at a dinner table and staring into each other’s eyes without distractions is certainly a big step in any relationship.

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Interestingly, vegetarians and meat eaters both have (surprisingly similar) worries about the downsides of inter-diet dating.

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