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According to statistics, as many as 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce.

So probability says that at least some of you reading this have become that couple, ignoring each other across the restaurant table, or simply having run out of things to say.

So maybe you like romantic comedies and he likes action movies, even so there’s got to be at least one movie that you both like or that holds a touch of nostalgia for you.

After you put the kids to bed curl up and watch it.

Use your time together to reconnect without any distractions. I’m not saying change who you are but be open to trying something new.

Remember when you and your partner were first dating?And to help you identify ways you can try to put the spark back into yours if you need to (and even if you don’t these suggestions are great habits to get into), Barrie divorce lawyers Galbraith Family Law share their advice.Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of marriages suffering and falling apart due to busy schedules, kids and just plain old familiarity.(If familiarity doesn’t breed contempt, we can tell you that it definitely breeds a stagnant relationship.) But that doesn’t mean the spark in your in your marriage is dead!What it means is that you’re going to have to work on relighting your fire and jumpstarting your marriage engine.

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