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Rather than spamming large groups of journalists, you should take the time to craft each pitch email individually, making sure to use their correct name, and include a short explanation as to why your story would be a good fit for them.

Journalists love "breaking news" so to improve your chances of success you should offer exclusivity, and give them a clear time limit to respond before you pitch the story to the next person on your list.

When searching for love, or trying to get a journalist to pick up your story, the best plan of action is to be honest and polite at all times and follow a clear set of age old etiquette rules.

The key to success in both activities lies in developing real relationships.

But don’t overstep the mark, or behave in a rude, dismissive or entitled manner as there are "plenty of fish in the sea" lined up behind you waiting for their chance to shine. In the same way as a button up shirt will make a better impression on a first date than a faded 1998 Metallica Tour T-shirt, it is important to show the journalists the best version of your company possible in one glance.

Journalists are bombarded with hundreds of pitches each week from companies who are convinced that theirs is the most important news ever.You may only have about 10 seconds of the journalist’s time to convince them you are worth their effort so be sure to follow a clear structure, keep your pitch email concise and give them all the essential they need within the first two paragraphs.A good way to start on the right foot with busy journalists is by attaching a beautifully designed and informative press kit, which gives them all the information they could need or want about your company, along with links to your website, Linked In and social media pages.Journalists deal with CEOs and leading professionals on a daily basis, so don’t expect them to bend over backwards to cater to your schedule.If they request a phone call to get quotes or extra information, you should try to be as accommodating as possible, and be sure to be available at that time.

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