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Excited for the Big Boss 10 episodes and eviction, here we are updating that Mona Lisa gets evicted from the Big Boss 10 this week.

Last week, Mona Lisa, Gaurav Chopra, and Bani J were nominated to get evicted but by the Priyanka Jagga’s exit from the show safe them three for one more week.

The contestants in the show had faced many ups and downs till now but are in the spotlight as well.

This season is really interesting to capture as it gets both the commoners and celebrities.

Big Boss is one of the most famous and controversial reality shows.

The concept of the show is to have a number of contestants belonging to different fields from singing, acting, modeling to comedy and the contestants live in a house and are isolated from the world.

In the finale, there will be three housemates left and the contestant to get the highest number of public vote among the three is declared as the winner of the show.

The show has never spoken of all the rules, but the most prominent ones are clear to the audience.

The house also has a confession room where the Bigg Boss can call any contestant for discussion or nomination process.

Each week the contestants will nominate two of their peer members and the two housemates receiving the highest nomination will face a public vote and the contestant to get the highest vote remains in the house and the other contestant will have to leave the house.

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