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Hey, they give our school a lot of money so in the end it works out for both."Guard Russ Smith initially cited the fact that college athletes get a free education and said it probably wasn't his place to comment.

But when reminded that the Final Four offered him the biggest stage possible to stand up for the interests of college athletes, Smith acknowledged the issue was worth discussing.

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I take business classes, and I know the kind of route that's going, but it definitely raises an eyebrow and as a friend of Kevin I only wish the best for him.

I hope they'll be able to take care of him one day for doing something like that."Forward Chane Behanan, who is Ware's closest friend on the team, said Ware "hasn't complained about it." Asked if it was exploitive, Behanan responded: "It is, but then again you have to look at it as he's still a college athlete."PHOTOS: Best Shots from Final Four Weekend Michigan Wolverines coach John Beilein (middle) looks at the Oscar Robertson trophy while standing next to guard Trey Burke (right) and former NBA player Oscar Robertson during the USBWA player of the year press conference on Friday.

WEAKNESSES: Opposing coaches weigh in Ware was not made available to the media on Friday due to fatigue, according to Louisville spokesman Kenny Klein.

Initially, Louisville said it had waived any traditional royalties for sales of the t-shirt and that instead adidas would make contributions to the university's scholarship fund.

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