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zone of differentiation /diff-er-rehn-shee-AY-shən/ n. In plant roots, the region where new cells develop into distinct cell types. In plant roots, the region where new cells grow and lengthen before differentiating. An infectious disease transmissible from a non-human animal to humans — zoonotic /zō-ə-NAWT-ik/ zoophagous /zō-AWF-ə-gəs/ adj. The choroid, ciliary body, and iris taken together. varves In geological formations, annual alternating layers caused by seasonal variation. An ultramicroscopic, noncellular parasite that can reproduce only within a host cell (DIAGRAM OF VIRAL REPLICATION). Any of a wide variety of chemical substances required by the body's metabolism, but that cannot be synthesized by the body. A skin abnormality that involves color loss in patches. (1) glasslike, glassy, transparent; (2) pertaining to the vitreous body. The gelatinous, transparent mass that fills the eyeball. The portion of the ocular cavity lying behind the lens.

PICTURE1 | PICTURE 2 ulnocarpal /ƏL-nō-CARP-əl/ adj. Where the undulipodium attaches to the cell there is a basal body called the kinetosome which is connected to the axoneme with motor proteins. MOLECULAR STRUCTURE urea cycle See: ornithine cycle. Either of the tubes leading from the kidneys to the bladder. — zoological /zō-ə-LODGE-ik-əl, zoo-ə-/ zoonosis /zō-AWN-ə-səs/ n. The branch of biogeography concerned with the geographic distribution of animals. The scientific study of animals — zoologist /zō-AWL-ə-jist, zoo-AWL-/ n. Cells present in blood, also known as leukocytes, that play a role in the immune system. PICTURE1 | PICTURE2 | PICTURE3 xiphocostal /ZĪ-fō-CAWST-əl/ adj. An extension of the sternum protruding caudally between the two halves of the rib cage. In this method, x-rays are passed through the substance under analysis and then, on the basis of the resulting patterns of diffraction, inferences are made about its structure.

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