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So when she brings up something you don’t agree with, just keep your trap shut and don’t get into it with her – that’s the foolproof way of heading off any arguments.

When she tells you how much she digs Hillary Clinton, just say “Yup, she’s a great woman,” and move onto something else.

The first step in initiating a relationship is to find out what you want from the relationship.

Love, happiness, respect, commitment, and fulfillment may all be possibilities of what you need and want from a relationship.

Now, Meredith might have all kinds of feminist propaganda in her head that you don’t like, , which is the most important thing.

Work on the areas you need to improve in your relationship, or be cognizant of what it takes to create a healthy relationship upon entering one.

Healthy relationships can provide meaning, enoyment, fulfillment and a host of other extremely positive and worthwhile experiences to enrich one's life.

She made it clear that she was very attracted to me. I have had five dates with her and kissed her on the second date.

When I did, she told me she’d been waiting for me to do it and what took me so long. I am fairly conservative, and when I snooped Meredith’s Facebook and Twitter accounts I discovered that she is a raving liberal Feminista.

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