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Sis is lucky that she has support from both sides but feel bit sad for them that they will be giving up so much, she has just started going out to clubs etc and know you can still do this with kids but never have the same freedom again. But she has the support of you and your mother so I think she'll be okay.She needs to have a real chat about it because if she has this termination without wanting it, I'm sure it'll hurt her a lot more than it would to go against her dad's wishes...No-one took me to one side and gave me time, or asked me how I felt. I also had strong feelings for the babys dad, I didn't want his dissaproval and disaproval of my own dad. At the time I didn't realise all this came from the abortion and the situation around it. Then it hit me a tremendous guilt that I had never even grieved my baby lost to the abortion all those yrs ago, all I had done was push it's memory away.After I awoke from the procedure I wasn't the same girl, part of me had died along with the baby. For yrs after it it affected all my subsequent relationships I had a problem with sex as I had felt so used and discarded. How could I have allowed my own child to be taken in that way.. The guilt was back and this time it didn't fade away.so much is put on people to "not do it too young" when infact it actually makes someone!Im a single mum to my daughter (2 next week) and about 18months ago i was forced (long story) into having sex with a "friend" who became violent during it - i fell pregnant and was only just managing to raise my daughter - so i had an abortion (also it was mediacally recommended as had an emercency section 6months previous and had lots of medical conditions as a result) and i have to say its the worst thing i have ever done.Trying to be supportive and saying the right things to her but deep down think that they are nowhere near ready (BF is 20), both still live at home, sis was working through an employment agency but has come to end of recent contract and has no work now, bf works. He's now 3 and I've never ever regretted this decision. I'm 21 now and had a medical termination 3 weeks ago.

Its important that you sit down with your sister and work out what is right for her and not the rest of the family because what ever she decides she will have to live with it for the rest of her life xxx That's why I'm so scared for her because at the end of the day she's got to live with it for the rest of her life and I personally think she's a big softee like me and will regret it. If she goes ahead with terminating the pregnancy surely seeing the baby will make it harder?

unsure about how strongly he feels about it, but I can imagine that if he's a good person, he'll come round eventually. Hi My mum had my brother when she just turned 16 and me when she just turned 17.

My granddad was completely against my pregnancy but loved my son a lot in the end. again noone in the family was happy about it (that much so that noone knew she was pregnant with me until she asked my nan to mindmy brotehr as she was having contractions!! She has a huge house, amazing job, loads of money and maintaned a healthy social life.

I know it's ultimately her descision but scared she'll go ahead with it just to keep my dad happy and to "save" the embarrassment from the rest of the family...grantparents especially!

I know she's only 16 and it will be really tough if she keeps the baby but will this be easier than having an abortion if she's not 100% sure it's what she wants? Firstly Vicky she is lucky to have such a caring sister that she could turn to when she needed you I cant really give any practical advice other than I would really strongly urge her to get some counselling, she needs to be able to speak to someone unrelated/connected to her who hasnt got raw emotions running high Best of luck to her whatever her decision it wont be easy for her [smilie=056.gif] Hi Vicky I found myself in more or less the same situation at 16, I told my mum and she went mental and forced me to have an abortion without even telling my dad or anyone else, I'm 29 now and to this day i still dont think he knows Not only as it compleatly changed my feelings for my mum forever, ive never got over it and don't think i ever will.

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