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Up to 40 people reportedly watched multiple assailants sexually assault a 15-year-old girl on Facebook Live Sunday, according to Chicago police.The victim went missing when she didn't return home after being dropped off by a relative, who claims to have been the last to see her before the attack.She was released to her mother after receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.No arrests have been made yet, but CPD Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted an update on the scary situation: Tags: chicago, disgusting! , sex, violence, viral: news Star Kim De Paola's Car Is At The Center Of A Double Murder Investigation In New Jersey [CLICK HERE] Josh & Anna Duggar Are Expecting! [CLICK HERE] Kellyanne Conway Gives Batshit Interview About 'Alternative Facts' And How She Would Rather Commit Suicide Than Be Press Secretary [CLICK HERE] Dylan Penn And Katie Cassidy Become The Latest Victims Of Celeb Sex Tape & Nude Photo Leaks [CLICK HERE] Move Over, Kendall Jenner: Jaime Pressly's Home Just Got Robbed, Too!Other stars involved have already begun the legal process to track down the hackers as well; we have a feeling the outspoken Rose is not going to let this go without a fight. Back in February, VERY married web star Shay Carl Butler (AKA Shay Carl of Shaytards fame) was caught cheating on his wife Colette (with whom he has five children! Related: Scarlett Johansson Files For Divorce From Romain Dauriac The drama began when Nina went public with the affair on social media, tweeting (and subsequently deleting) direct messages from Shay.

I speak my truths and I paint my fantasies into these little bite size pop songs.

As the name implies, Scrotox is when men get Botox, a.k.a.

botulism, injected into their huevos to make their sack as tight as a drum. An elderly Italian woman was rescued by firemen after she got stuck in a chastity belt Back in January, a 60-year old woman in the town of Padua, Italy, strolled down to her local firehouse and reportedly said: “Hello, I lost the keys to a lock and I can’t open it.” Naturally, the firemen thought she misplaced the keys to her car or house or something, but oh, no.

The very real popularization of sex robots, some noteworthy political stuff, and of course, the creation of this vagina mask.

It’s unknown whether the person who made this mask got inspiration from a burn victim, Cthulhu, or some kind of disgusting alien that was dropped in a vat of nuclear waste, but we do know that this is one gnarly coochie. ,000 Japanese sex robots2016 was no doubt the year of the sexbots.

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A gloriously bizarre take on the sexy calendar, the Carponizer Carp Calendar features 12 racy pictures of barely clothed women seductively holding shiny, gooey carp. Yeah, so while we were all watching Netflix and not really doing anything significant, Old Man Jenkins over here was saving his species with his tiny little turtle dick. Scrotox Ever wish you had a bizarrely taut nutsack?

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