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For a while I have wanted to print / mill pcbs on my Prusa.

Not being sure if my machine, or my Dremel look-a-like would be up to to actually milling boards I decided to try the drawing options first.

This means that the test called "Executable Stack" reported 2 failures, there is one entry in the whitelist of this test, and after filtering the failures through the whitelist, there is still a file. p=chromiumos/third_party/autotest.git;a=blob;f=client/site_tests/platform_Toolchain Options/platform_Toolchain Options.py;h=c1ab0c275a5995c2ad62eb9dd8ba677b5d10e5a2;hb=HEADFind the change that added the new binary that fails the test, or changed compiler options for a package such that the test now fails, and revert it.

File an issue on the author with the failure log, and CC the owner of the test (found by git blame above).

The test framework needs to log in to the VM, in order to do things like execute tests, and download log files. In these cases, we have no logs to work from, so we need the VM disk image instead.

When this happens, look in the build report for "vm_disk" and "vm_image" links. For example, if you're looking at the build report for "lumpy nightly chrome PFQ Build #3977" : Note that in addition to breakpad dmp files, the test_also has raw linux core files. Most of the time, when a slave is purple, that just indicates that it is restarting.

Sometimes, all the tests will pass, but one or more processes crashed during the test.

Not all crashes are failures, as some tests are intended to test the crash system.

See crbug.com/314678 if you're interested in fixing that.This can be accomplished by: Assuming the number is less than 100%, there was a failure in one of the autotests.Scroll backwards from 'Total PASS' to identify the specific test (or tests) that failed.But it goes the other way around too with system administrators.Last week, a customer asked me to investigate a suspicious alert reported by an IDS.

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Conclusion: From an defender point of view, try to isolate invalid queries as much as possible and log everything.

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